The Role of Volunteers

The descriptions below should give a better understanding of the general responsibilities of each volunteer role listed on our volunteer application. It is perfectly acceptable if you cannot perform certain duties listed in a particular group yet would still like to participate in some aspects of that group. We will discuss these at your volunteer interview. Our goal is to make this a positive experience for YOU, the volunteer, as well as fulfilling the needs of the Keuka Comfort Care Home.


Resident Care
Resident Care volunteers provide basic personal care such as assisting with bathing, oral care, toileting, skin care, ambulation, as well as provide companionship, encouragement, presence and emotional support to the resident and their family. Resident Care volunteers also assist with daily household tasks, making meals based per resident preference, administering medications, and providing a clean, safe environment by following the policies and procedures of the home. 

Grounds/Maintenance volunteers meet the maintenance needs of the yard and house. This consists of general gardening, lawn mowing, snow removal, light maintenance such as changing bulbs, etc. It may also include maintenance of equipment for those with the skills.

Office/Clerical volunteers assist with duties such as answering the phones and the door during busy times, faxing, computer work, correspondence and mailings. Duties may also involve clerical support of fund-raising efforts as needed.

Fund-raising/Public Relations
Fund-raising/Public Relations volunteers help to raise money for the Home through various campaigns and events, and generate and promote communications with the community and the media. Examples may include a pledge drive, garage or bake sale,  soliciting sales of raffle tickets, or helping with speaking engagements, letters and phone correspondence. Fund-raising/Public Relations volunteers may also be asked to help with tasks associated with an event such as baking, helping with mailings, posting flyers at various locations, or picking up donated items.

We sometimes encounter situations where individuals, companies or groups wish to create their own personalized roles. We welcome this opportunity to “customize” roles, designed exclusively tailoring to your individual needs, or the needs/benefits your company or group can offer.