About Us

KCCH is a two (2) bed private home overlooking Keuka Lake. We welcome persons with a terminal illness who are determined to be within the last three months of their lives.  Our home operates according to the principles and practices of the hospice philosophy.

There is no fee for our care. Our link with the health care system is the contact your family members have with the certified hospice agency.  In Yates County the certified agency is Finger Lakes Visiting Nurse Service/ Ontario Yates Hospice. The agency assures that medication and needed medical supplies are available as well other services that are required under hospice care.

What makes KCCH different from the resident’s own living situation? We strive to relieve the family of major care-giving responsibilities enabling them to spend more quality time with their loved one.

Our Mission

Keuka Comfort Care Home will provide free, compassionate end of life care in a homelike setting to terminally ill residents of Yates County and surrounding communities, and will support their loved ones.

What is Comfort Care?

The focus of comfort care is to alleviate symptoms rather than trying to cure or change the course of a terminal illness. With that in mind, we do not use IV fluid for hydration, tube feedings nor CPR. Both the resident and family need to understand and agree to these guidelines before admission to KCCH. 

A primary focus of this ministry is to make each resident as pain-free and symptom-free as possible. We do nothing to hasten or prolong the person’s natural dying process.