Admission FAQs

(y)Our family

You become very precious to us in the time we share at KCCH and we deeply appreciate the trust you place in us while we care for you as family. We hope your time at KCCH will be one of comfort and healing for your entire family.


KCCH provides meals and snacks to the resident and offers hospitality to family and friends. We try our best to accommodate any special requests your loved one may have. Families are welcome to bring in favorite foods they know their family member will enjoy.


WiFi is available for residents and their families. Many residents and family members use personal laptops to video-chat. If a resident would like to receive emails, but does not bring a device, they can receive emails through our email. The director is happy to send email address updates to family members if they wish.

Family Room

Family members often wish to be close by and KCCH is happy to have families together during this part of your life’s journey. Our family room has two twin-sized beds with a connecting bathroom in our downstairs area. Additionally, our resident rooms each have a chair that folds out into a bed.


Our residents have access to a phone in the Home. Residents are also welcome to bring their personal cell phone.


KCCH has Cable TV in both resident rooms as well as the living room and family room.


KCCH does not keep traditional visiting hours. We encourage visitors to come any time! This is your new home, and we welcome family and friends to come and go as they please.

More Questions?

Contact our Director for specific questions about Comfort Care or your loved one.

Admission Process

Requesting admission is a simple process, The first step is to call our Director, Karen Walker, at (315) 536-1690. Requests can be made by potential residents and their families, social workers, hospital discharge planners, doctors or friends. If a bed is available and the potential resident meets admission criteria, arrangements will be made to meet the potential resident as soon as possible.

General Admission Criteria

  • Diagnosis of Terminal Illness with no expectation of recovery
  • Prognosis of three months or less
  • Understand that no life sustaining measures will be implemented
  • Private physician coverage
  • Association with a Certified Hospice Agency
  • Understanding that KCCH is primarily staffed with volunteers
  • Must be able to be safely managed by trained staff and volunteers
  • No extraordinary care needs

Admission is determined by immediate need.

The goal of Keuka Comfort Care Home is to provide excellent care to the dying in the home-like setting while respecting their individual needs and maintaining their dignity until death.

There is no cost to the resident or their family.